Ultra light aluminum wheels
Need to reduce an upcoming model's weight to hit CO² emission targets ? Increase the range of an electric vehicle ? Or simply want to equip your vehicle without inscreasing its weight, as well as achieve significant design flexibility ?
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Chassis and engine
Saint Jean Industries also provides innovative solutions for reducing the weight of engine and chassis parts.

COBAWHEELS™ aluminum rims

Only Saint Jean Wheels is completely proficient in this hybrid technology, which makes no compromise on design versus weight and robustness.

Do you want to make mass improvements and explore every possible technological avenue to reduce the weight of your future vehicles?

A few examples of weight optimization


9,5 x 20″: 1,4 kg saved per rim

Jante aluminium

6 x 17″ : Ultralight design weighing 6 kg

Technological positioning

A one-stop shop for your projects

Saint Jean Industries is completely proficient in all wheel manufacturing processes, from concept to design validation and delivery to the client.


Product design

Our research department can design and optimize all types of parts.

simulation fonderie

Process simulation

In liaison with the product design branch and the tooling branch, simulation validates the solutions chosen.

Outillage de fonderie

Tooling development

Our research department designs the tooling for each project.

validation jante

Product validation

Once the product and tooling have been validated, prototypes are validated on our test benches to correlate the results with the simulations.

COBAWHEELS™ technology

With this patented technology, Saint Jean Wheels is pushing back the technical boundaries of traditional wheel manufacturing processes by using better materials combined with the most advanced production techniques.



This proven technology for manufacturing lighter aluminum suspension parts has major advantages: significant design flexibility, improved mechanical properties and very good fatigue resistance.



This process, commonly used in the manufacture of cast aluminum rims, is applied by Saint Jean Wheels to an extruded tube to reduce the weight of the rim well.


Friction stir welding

This manufacturing process is used in the aeronautical sector and for certain specific automobile applications. Saint Jean Wheels uses it to weld the two parts of the rim, with no metal filler, no matter which alloys are used.


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